SIECCAN produces a wide variety of evidence-based sexual health education resources. These include reports, issue briefs, articles, fact sheets, and health provider guides on a variety of sexual health topics. Check below for our most recent resources.

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STI Fact Sheets

Fact sheets for Health Care Professionals and Educators
(CATIE in partnership with SIECCAN)

Issue Briefs and Reports

Sexual Health at Midlife and Beyond: Information for Sexual Health Educators

Sexual Assault in Canada: Legal Definitions, Statistics, and Frontline Responses

Genital Herpes Type 1 and Type 2 Infections: Information for Sexual Health Educators

Consent to Sexual Activity: Definitions, Issues, and Priorities for Sexual Health Education

Autism Spectrum Disorder: Information for Sexual Health Educators

Articles and Reports


Sexual Health and COVID-19: Information Sheet

Preliminary Report: Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) risk among single adults in the Trojan/SIECCAN Sexual Health at Midlife Study

Trends in Canadian national and provincial/territorial teen pregnancy rates: 2001-2010

Ontario parents’ opinions and attitudes towards sexual health education in the schools