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Comprehensive Sexual Health Education in Canada

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2021 COVID-19 and Sexual Health Education 
2019 Canadian Guidelines for Sexual Health Education 
2020 Questions & Answers: Sexual Health Education in Schools and Other Settings

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The COVID-19 Pandemic and Youth Sexual Health Promotion: Priorities for Health Care Providers

Research information and tips for addressing key sexual health promotion issues during the COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 and Sexual Health: Checklist for Health Care Providers

Sexual health promotion checklist for health care providers working with youth

COVID-19 and Sexual Health: Youth Fact Sheet

Fact sheet for youth focused on sexual and reproductive health during the COVID-19 pandemic

Youth, COVID-19, and Sexual Health: Background Information for Educators

Research-based information on how COVID-19 is impacting the relational and sexual lives of youth

Providing Effective Sexual Health Education During COVID-19: Suggestions for Educators

Recommendations for how to adapt sexual health education during the COVID-19 pandemic

Friendships, Relationships & COVID-19: Things to Think About [elementary students]

Fact sheet for elementary students that focuses on friendships and relationships during the pandemic

Relationships, Sexual Health, & COVID-19: What Do I Need to Know? [secondary students]

Fact sheet for secondary students that focuses on relational and sexual well-being during the pandemic

Canadian Guidelines for Sexual Health Education

The Guidelines provide guidance to educators and policy makers for the development and evaluation of comprehensive evidence-based sexual health education in Canada.

Questions & Answers: Sexual Health Education in Schools and Other Settings

The Questions & Answers provides extensive and conclusive evidence to support the provision of comprehensive sexual health education in schools and other settings in Canada.

Sexual Health Education Resources

Canadian Guidelines for Sexual Health Education (2008)

Sexual health education in the schools: Questions & Answers (2015 Ontario)

Sexual health education in the schools: Questions and Answers (2010)

Questions & Answers: Inclusive Practice… Among Ethnocultural Minorities (2014)

Questions & Answers: Sexual Health Education for Youth with Physical Disabilities (2013)

Questions & Answers: Sexual Orientation in Schools (2010)

Questions & Answers: Gender Identity in Schools (2010)